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If you’re new to the site, then you are in the right place. Here are a few links, examples, and explanations as to what this website is all about and what it has to offer. For a general summary of what Black Heron Ink is, check out the following page:


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Who I Am – What I Do

My name is Kyle Sorrell. Around here and on the web I am known as “Black Heron.”

I am a freelance writer and illustrator. I enjoy writing about and researching a wide variety of topics. I have written material about academia, research, technology, science, video games and entertainment, advertising and promotional work, etc.

Be sure to check out my resume page for a better look into my credentials:


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The primary purpose of this site is to provide clear, top quality written commentary and study into a wide variety of subjects. Though some of the more fun and entertaining subject matter (i.e. entertainment, video games, movies, etc.) usually take precedence, there is still a focus on some larger issues as well (i.e. social commentary, politics, statistics, etc.).

Here are a few notable articles I’ve written to get you started:

Misunderstanding Objectification

Hideo Kojima and the Movies: Ironically Missing the Point

Xbox One: Marc Whitten Apologizes – “A Need for Better Communication”

11 Tips on How to Write Vividly

The Navy and Kinect: “Stopping Sexual Assault”

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Before I started writing, I was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Most of my portfolio consists of commissioned images/illustrations, political cartoons, caricatures,  and personal works. You can see most of my previous work at the following link: