Science and Video Games - BANNER FULL

The Science and Psychology of Video Games

Past – Present – Future

Science of Video Games - Special Edition Cover - BHI Version SMALL

This Kickstarter is to support and fund the creation of a very special book related to the entirety of the video game world and industry. In it, the history of the video game industry is observed, the science of the marketing and technology used is discussed, and most of all the psychology of the consumer, developers, and market as a whole is given attention.

As a prolific writer and journalist, who also just so happens to be passionate about the industry, this is my way of giving back to those who have created and offered so much to me over the years.

Everything from art to neuroscience is discussed in great detail and significant research and inquiry to back it all up. Anyone searching for a better understanding of the industry, the people involved, or just looking for a good read and a laugh should take a look.

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This page will also act as a “Credits” page, where the names of everyone who backs the project will be placed (at their own discretion, of course). Anyone with honorable, special, or super special honorable mentions will go here as well.

More updates and relevant information, pictures, artwork, etc. will be added here.


Tanner Smith

David Lagermann

Ivan De Anda

Brian Marshall

Leon Samuel Mok

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