The Truth About PC Gaming

PC Gaming

If there is one major pivot of passion, debate and fan boy exposure within the video game industry it would have to be the never ending “battle” between PC and consoles.

On and on it goes, the wheel of life spins bringing around it a perpetual cycle of name calling and arguing. There are the console lovers, claiming to be content with the added convenience and simplicity of play and management, and then there are the PC lovers, espousing the near limitless level and customization, independence and graphical power. Despite these talking points, rarely is there ever a general consensus between parties as to which is better, regardless of the specific topic or context at hand.

At least, that is until someone decides to bring out the big question: which one costs more? Continue reading


Gaming, Boys, and Education

At the very least this woman blows Anita Sarkeesian out of the water. Unlike Sarkeesian, this woman – Ali Carr-Chellman – actually uses some numbers and statistics and facts, so she has earned the right to be listened to. This is only made even more ironic considering that TEDEd have also hosted Anita Sarkeesian herself in the past. As usual, the comments on that particular video are closed, as is the usual modus operandi with anything propagated by Feminists and their like-minded ilk. Continue reading

How Art, Creativity, and Innovation Detract From Productivity


The Escapist : Jimquisition : Neutered

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Here is a link to the video that sparked the idea for this article. The embedding does not seem to be working with the site very well.

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Usually one of the biggest challenges in learning a language (particularly a second one) is getting past all of nuances, the “little things” such as inflection, tone, formal/informal, etc. One aspect that makes English such as difficult language to learn is precisely just how vague and indirect it can be. This can be seen with the sheer amount of synonyms and word choices available. All that a writer needs is a thesaurus by their side and they can literally say the same thing over and over again in a near limitless number of different ways. Continue reading

4 Strange Ways Cats Are Good For Your Health And Well-Being

A cat on its back

These things are in fact good for your health. I’ll prove it.

Or more specifically, what does a person gain from owning a member of Felis Catus, or domestic cats? One must remember that owning such creatures, or any creature for that matter, is an investment, one for only the most prim and proper of gentlemen/women. Remember, though, that an investment is also a resource, and a good rule of business is to “know your own resources.” Yes, the domesticated feline is a resource, and you must know it fully to maximize both its and your own potential. That is why I am here, to explain your resource, and thus further your own agenda, health, or various business ventures. Continue reading

Why Women Wear High Heels: A Theory

High Heels

High heels or stilettos?

A while ago, a prominent writer, Frost (whom I can’t find much information on despite a bit of intense Googling), wrote an article asking why women wear high heels. It seems like a somewhat weird question, one could almost ask that about any accessory. I did not particularly like his reasoning, as it was very complex, even convoluted, I’d say. Anyways, high heels in particular are interesting.

Some say that it accentuates the female form, stretching their lower halves and reinforcing what curves are there. Others say it is just an accessory like any other, one that women wear to fit in with all of the other women, similar to the typical “Ugg boots, iPhone, handbag” combo that so many have poked fun at in recent years. Many say that it is just a sign of class and status, a way of expressing femininity, in the same way a well-tailored suit expresses class and status for a man. Continue reading

Fewer Americans Impressed by the Moon Landing: Notable Decline

Moon Landing

Shine on you crazy diamond.

It’s strange, observing public opinion and its correlation with the overall decline of a nation. PewResearch notes that fewer and fewer people regard the importance of the moon landing in 1969:

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“But a 2009 survey showed that the moon landing had fallen in the public’s view of top American achievements. Just 12% of Americans think putting a man on the moon was the nation’s greatest achievement over the previous half century.

In 2009, a Pew Research Center poll asked Americans to name the country’s greatest accomplishment of the past 50 years. About a quarter of Americans (27%) said they viewed feats in science, medicine or technology as the greatest achievement.  Fully 17% of the public said civil rights or equal rights was the greatest achievement in 50 years and 10% said electing a black president.”

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