The Truth About PC Gaming

PC Gaming

If there is one major pivot of passion, debate and fan boy exposure within the video game industry it would have to be the never ending “battle” between PC and consoles.

On and on it goes, the wheel of life spins bringing around it a perpetual cycle of name calling and arguing. There are the console lovers, claiming to be content with the added convenience and simplicity of play and management, and then there are the PC lovers, espousing the near limitless level and customization, independence and graphical power. Despite these talking points, rarely is there ever a general consensus between parties as to which is better, regardless of the specific topic or context at hand.

At least, that is until someone decides to bring out the big question: which one costs more? Continue reading


11 Tips on How to Write Vividly


Step 1: Scratch paper with pen.

One of the ultimate goals of any work of art, whether it is a book or movie or even a short article on the internet, is to not just capture the audience’s attention, but to immerse the audience’s attention.

Immersion is a sort of figurative absorption, where the reader is so enraptured and invested in the work before them that they feel a part of it. This connection is what makes one work great, and another merely passable. When a reader is in some way invested in your work, they will surely reciprocate with further investment in you.

This is also how one “hooks” readers, ensnaring their attention with such efficiency that a producible result is almost guaranteed.

There are many ways to accomplish this, but of course, as with all things, the more you do, the more you get: Continue reading