New Kickstarter: The Science and Psychology of Video Games


Divider - Design - 45%I have decided to start setting up my Kickstarter project, and have published a page specific for it on this site as well. All of the details can be found on the current draft page for the project on Kickstarter itself.

Despite being a prolific writer and reader, I have never written a book before. I’ve considered it, like many people have, but never took any earlier attempts seriously. Now that I have established myself somewhat across various websites, and have found both a hobby and an outlet I’m passionate about, it seems like as good a time as any to get things rolling.

I will be providing updates on the project on both the actual Kickstarter page and on this website as well. Hopefully this works out well.

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Basically the book is an attempt to take a serious look at much of the science and psychology of the people behind the video game industry and community. The video game industry, being relatively new, provides a golden opportunity to observe the minds of people when immersed in a fresh market.

Video games, like any form of entertainment, play an important role in our lives. The cultural and psychological impact of such things can also tell a lot about us as people. Though once you start delving into the world of psychology, there’s a tendency to come across many subjects, ideas and truths overlapping with other disciplines; i.e. neuroscience, neurology, “pop-psy,” technology, etc.

Body and Mind Psychology Rorshach

I see two ghosts doing the tango on a church bell. Does this mean I’m crazy?

So, why not put all of these things together and make a book about it? Hopefully this will also prove to be an easy way of bridging the connection between different demographics, particularly those not currently involved in the industry or maybe even those who are for one reason or another against it.

It’s a great idea and opportunity for sure, and it gives me a good chance to flex both my writing and artistic muscles, with this project also being the debut of a very special little comic book/graphic novel idea I have had brewing for a long time.

Porko Supreme the Super Pig

Nothing but good things to come, and I hope everyone looks forward to it.

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