Xbox One “Changes Everything:” Yes, It Has Changed Every Thing

Xbox One Eighty

It feels as if we’re just going in circles…

Most everyone has heard of the old saying; “Change is the only constant,” and Microsoft seems to have embodied this notion with their upcoming console, the Xbox One. Every single policy and “innovation” Microsoft presented with the Xbox One has been changed, and now the Kinect, the supposed “holy grail of gaming” according to the company, isn’t even need anymore, though they’re still trying to shove the device down everyone’s throats, like a force suppository or something.

With all of these changes and flip-flopping of principles and policies (kind of like real politics), Microsoft are doing what they can to embrace and flow with this “new direction.” Now, because of this, we have people such as Phil Spencer via Microsoft stating things like “the Xbox One ‘changes everything.'”:

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“Phil Spencer says it is hard to explain all the ways the console impacts the overall entertainment experience.

The Xbox One ‘changes everything,’ according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer appeared on Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb’s latest podcast to discuss the next-generation platform and how it is shaping up. He said the next-generation console changes entertainment on such a profound level that it is hard to describe.

‘I have my Xbox One at home now, so I’m getting to use it,’ Spencer said. “It’s hard to talk about all of the ways that this console impacts my entertainment experiences.”

Major Nelson interjected, saying, ‘It changes everything.’

‘It does change everything,’ Spencer added.”

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If you say it enough times, maybe people will believe it.

Or not, considering that, in all honesty, everything the Xbox One is currently trying to do is already being done by a plethora of other devices and little black boxes, most notably smart TV’s. As others have noted, Microsoft seems to be trying to resell you your own smart TV, a redundant sales pitch if there ever was one. The fact that practically all entertainment technology has become so homogenized and connected only further illustrates the folly of this decision.

It would make more sense for Microsoft to just release the Xbox One with another bundle; a cheaper, “no Kinect” bundle. Then just sell the Kinect as its own device or peripheral to go along with the system if people later decide that they want to try it out. You can’t force a “need” to be supplied, Microsoft, the need has to first present itself, then organizations such as yourself can go in and meet the demand if feasible.

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