Why Women Wear High Heels: A Theory

High Heels

High heels or stilettos?

A while ago, a prominent writer, Frost (whom I can’t find much information on despite a bit of intense Googling), wrote an article asking why women wear high heels. It seems like a somewhat weird question, one could almost ask that about any accessory. I did not particularly like his reasoning, as it was very complex, even convoluted, I’d say. Anyways, high heels in particular are interesting.

Some say that it accentuates the female form, stretching their lower halves and reinforcing what curves are there. Others say it is just an accessory like any other, one that women wear to fit in with all of the other women, similar to the typical “Ugg boots, iPhone, handbag” combo that so many have poked fun at in recent years. Many say that it is just a sign of class and status, a way of expressing femininity, in the same way a well-tailored suit expresses class and status for a man.

Of course, many of the readers here probably know better than to think that men and women have the same reasoning, whether conscious or subconscious, behind these kinds of things. I believe the reason behind it is much simpler, albeit more devious and perhaps even cynical.

The thing is, a person’s height plays such a huge role in how one is perceived, a role so large that many don’t even notice it or think about it. Height can intrinsically insinuate strength, or virility, or status, or power, or dominance, or any other number of things. As politically incorrect as it may sound, size does matter.

Any number of social or sexual related forums will undoubtedly have a number of users lamenting their trouble getting attention due to being short, or at least considerably short in comparison to their peers.

This is where the heels come in. When a man chooses clothing, he thinks with his rational man-brain something along the following:

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“I like this. It is [functional/cool/will make me look more attractive and stand out].”

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It is done in order to enhance himself, and little else. This is in order to alleviate the problem that many men have of not getting enough attention.

Women, on the other hand, have the opposite problem; they get too much attention.

I know, I know, “cry me a river, ladies.” It reeks of First World ProblemsTM, but it is true. From establishing “street harassment,” “eye-rape,” calling men creepy or weird, having a “mother hen” or “cock-blocking” friend around at all times, walking around in large and intimidating groups, the list goes on as to the measures women will go to in order to deter attention from “lesser males.”

That is perhaps the real reason behind high heels. Women want men that are their greater in some way, and height is, again, one of the most immediate factors or traits one notices when meeting or seeing someone new. The thing is, most women are already pretty short, certainly shorter than men on average. This leaves them open to potentially being approached by men shorter than what they (women) want. Heaven forbid if a man of equal or even worse, lesser, height were to encroach on the poor dears space. Only the tallest and most “alpha” man will do. So how can a woman make herself tall enough to intimidate and deter these “lesser” men, while also refraining from trespassing on the ever illusive “tall, dark, and handsome alpha’s” air space in a way that is socially acceptable?

Why, high heels of course!

Again, this is mostly just a thought, some indulgent speculation on my part. I do not think that most people think these kinds of things out loud when getting dressed. It is interesting to sit back and observe people and see what they do and try to decipher their intentions and reasons for doing it.

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