Fewer Americans Impressed by the Moon Landing: Notable Decline

Moon Landing

Shine on you crazy diamond.

It’s strange, observing public opinion and its correlation with the overall decline of a nation. PewResearch notes that fewer and fewer people regard the importance of the moon landing in 1969:

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“But a 2009 survey showed that the moon landing had fallen in the public’s view of top American achievements. Just 12% of Americans think putting a man on the moon was the nation’s greatest achievement over the previous half century.

In 2009, a Pew Research Center poll asked Americans to name the country’s greatest accomplishment of the past 50 years. About a quarter of Americans (27%) said they viewed feats in science, medicine or technology as the greatest achievement.  Fully 17% of the public said civil rights or equal rights was the greatest achievement in 50 years and 10% said electing a black president.”

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Here is the chart with all of the basic information for good measure:

Space Exploration and Public Opinion Chart

Source: PewResearch.org

According to this information, more people in the U.S. care about “civil rights” and other vague topics than the epitome of scientific progress and achievement; space exploration.

If this is not a grand example of just how inward-thinking and dare I say narcissistic the people’s views and priorities have become, then I do not know what is. Note that I am not against civil rights or equal rights, or equal responsibilities. Those are noble values indeed. The problem, however, is that they are incredibly nuanced, complex, and too a point so twisted and susceptible to manipulation that one has to be wary of getting too involved in the discussion.

Topics such as these also have an unhealthy tendency to bring out the worst emotions of those involved, reducing many “discussions” or “debates” to mere shouting matches, leaving conversations and forums to becoming nothing more than echo chambers for those who agree and lynchings for those who do not. In the end, they accomplish very little, which again leaves them open to manipulation and profitable for the few who are willing to take advantage of the blind emotion and desperation such subjects foster.

Science, on the other hand, is the opposite. Mathematics is perhaps the antithesis of vague, yet somehow retains a strange beauty when looked through the right lens; from noting the modular (or clock) arithmetic involved in discerning any date at any time without having to look at a calendar, the algorithms involved in determining the spirals on seashells, and even the orbital patterns made by ones such as Earth and Venus resembling a “dance” of sorts.

Venus Earth Orbit Patterns

To put our own quibbles and agendas above these things is honestly insulting. If there is a Creator, I am sure he/she/it would be gravely disappointed.

Such are the times we live in, unfortunately. I suppose this can all just be chalked up to yet another grave example of our own decline.

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