Pacific Rim and Other Terrible Movies

Pacific Rim

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots on steroids.

What did I say? Did I not call this out before?:

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“R.I.P.D. wasn’t the only comic book movie to have a disappointing debut this weekend. The Bruce Willis-led ensemble action comedy Red 2 had a soft fifth place opening of $18.5 million, a lower gross than the original film had.

Meanwhile, Pacific Rim continues its domestic box office slide, falling to sixth place in its second weekend with just shy of $16 million. The movie, which cost almost $200 million to make and millions more to market, has a current domestic cume of $68.2 million. It has, though, made nearly twice that overseas.”Divider - Design - 45%

Source: IGN

To his credit, when I addresses Hideo Kojima’s views, I do realize that he is speaking from a different perspective, a completely culture and market. A market, which is addressed by the article, as having given it nearly twice as much “domestic cume.”

Still, my point remains; most movies nowadays are not made in mind for being at all competent or even terribly profitable. Most of what you see on the big screen is merely one giant commercial from other items and merchandise. Then again, figurines and other plastic collectibles tend to do much better overseas, which may be a big part of the reason why it did twice as good over there.

Again, this is all coming from a purely western perspective. Take what you will.


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