Women and the Draft: Too Little, Too Late

Female Soldier

A woman in uniform.

Recently, at The Daily Caller, a poll was released revealing that now a majority of voters now support women in the draft:

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“A poll released this week found that a majority of registered voters support including women in a military draft.

The poll, conducted by the Florida-based CapitolSoup.com and Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, found that 59 percent of registered voters polled believe women should be included in a draft. Thirty-eight percent said women should not.

Women supported drafting women more than men, with 61 percent of women favoring such a draft, compared to 57 percent of men.”

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The funny thing about “rights,” that people often conveniently forget, is that they entail, even demand, quite a lot on those who hold them; responsibilities, duties, obligations, etc.

Women have had the ability to vote for a long time now, since the early 1900’s. People enjoy complaining about “rights,” about what they should be able to do. My question is: “What about the things you ‘must’ do? When and how do we define those?” Of course, no one likes talking about their responsibilities, about the work they must do, as most of it is understandably dull and demanding, and just not very exciting to talk about. Sometimes it is even depressing. Yet, as with many things in life, it has to be done at some point.

This is what bothers me about the whole thing. Think about it: women have had the ability to vote, an act considered practically sacred in many parts of the world (especially in the United States), an ability to give power to those that would not and more or less could not ever demand more of women, yet was expected to give them something of value. Women have had the ability to vote people into power with the ability to send other people (i.e. men) to go and fight and die for them in whatever current pointless war of the moment happens to be.

It is interesting that the article ironically focuses on how “registered voters”were polled, as if to mock the whole dilemma. Also, despite the overall (and terribly inaccurate) view of being “chauvinistic pigs” that “use and abuse and oppress women,” remember that “women supported drafting women more than men.” It is your sisters, ladies, that are more willing to have you sent overseas to keep the racket going, and all in the name of “equality.”

Then again, one must not forget the common theme of Feminism; demanding equal rights, while ignoring equal responsibilities.

Another thing to consider, an example of driving home the idea of “too little, too late,” is to consider both the environment and time frame in which the movement (Feminism) arose. Everything did not really take off until about the 1960’s and after the industrial revolution (side note: thank you, Isaac Newton, for giving us the mathematics and formula necessary to make these things possible), air conditioning, cars, microwave ovens, ironing boards, and a slew of other life improving technologies. Also note how most of those heading the movement were (and still are) middle-upper class white western women.

All of this practically embodies the idea of “too little, too late,” and reeks of hypocrisy. I’ve noted such double-standards and hypocrisies before, and this probably won’t be the last time either. Then people wonder why no one takes the movement seriously.


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